Plantronics Hosts Go By GoLab (GXGL) Carnival

GoLab is proud to welcome Plantronics back to Austin for the 4th Annual Go By Go Lab party. During the event, you will be able to try out some of their incredible technology in the gaming center. Here is some more information about Plantronics and their products:

Plantronics, a pioneer in wearable technology for 50+ years, will be highlighting some of their newest technology at Golab Austin. Plantronics’ developer community and innovations labs will demonstrate the capabilities of our latest concept wearable device, known simply as Wearable Concept 1.

Wearable Concept 1 is equipped with a low-latency, nine-axes sensor which tracks head orientation in three dimensions: heading, pitch and roll (the X, Y and Z axes). It also features tap detection and free-fall detection. Open APIs enable developers to leverage the onboard MFI chip for ease of integration with the iOS platform over Bluetooth® as well as the Windows® operating system. Sample applications can be found at the PLT Labs site. Demonstrations will show how a wearer using Wearable Concept 1 can manipulate an avatar, on an iPad, in real-time based on their physical head movements, and an award-winning application that allows an individual anywhere in the world to share their view remotely via Google Street View.

Plantronics’ Gaming division will be showcasing it’s latest technology at Go by Go Lab. You’ll be able to check out the RIG™ Headset + Mixer, the first member of the new RIG family of gaming products.  It’s a complete audio system of stereo headset, mixer or audio controller, convertible mics and cables, and is the first gaming audio system designed from the ground up with mobile in mind.

The RIG gaming audio system lets players focus on the game by managing their winning mix of audio, their way. Users can dial in a preferred mix of game and smartphone sound – calls, music, and app notifications – for a fully customized audio experience. RIG gaming audio delivers a solid audio performance, with premium stereo, crystal-clear voice and three EQ profiles, including Seismic mode, allowing players to feel the bass.

Visit the gaming center to meet some of the Plantronics team and try this exciting technology.

VIDEO: Plantronics: Wearable Concept 1


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