Downtown Coworking Space for Creative Professionals
At the GoLab, bootstrapping entrepreneurs, creative and design professionals, and software developers work within a system that makes overcoming typical business challenges and collaborating with coworkers easy. By facilitating networking opportunities, hosting community events (like South by GoLab), and developing programs like the GoLab’s ongoing lunch-and-learn series, the GoLab gives local professionals the chance to have ongoing, face-to-face interactions with like-minded business professionals. The GoLab’s technologies, including the GoLab Cloud, support the coworkspace’s collaborative efforts. Over time, collaboration leads to better ideas, new partnerships and sales opportunities, higher productivity levels, and, ultimately, to greater revenues.

Located on 6th Street in downtown Austin, Texas, the GoLab is much more than a shared office space; it is a centralized portal to hands-on, grass-roots, community-based business building that, as a result of the wise application of contemporary technologies, has a global reach.

Common Technology Platform
The GoLab Cloud, a common technology platform adopted by the GoLab and powered by Jive software, has empowered the GoLab to help multiple organizations become collaborative powerhouses. The GoLab Cloud allows brainstorming and information sharing to take place in real time within a customizable online community. Communications can be delivered across multiple departments and organizations quickly and easily. Through the GoLab Cloud, groups and contacts can keep each other informed using blogs, status updates, smart activity updates, and more. Decision makers are able to make well-informed choices, take immediate action, and establish best practices. With the GoLab Cloud, you can create, edit, and complete documents in conjunction with designated parties and control who participates in any given project or discussion. Most importantly, you can keep yourself informed and connected to a project or initiative 24 hours a day, regardless of your time zone or geographical location.

About the Founder
As founder of the GoLab, Steve Golab has developed key business and media relationships in Austin that extend far beyond the city’s limits. He has successfully integrated his relationship-building methodologies into the GoLab network. As a result of Steve’s stewardship, GoLab team members and coworkers not only serve as seamless extensions and proponents of Steve’s vision of a collaborative, co-working community, but as proof that coworking is, in fact, smarter working. Steve has made it possible for the GoLab’s collaborative culture and common technology platform to be bundled and shared with any GoLab partner.

Key Benefits
Some of the benefits GoLab coworkers enjoy include:

• Ongoing interactions with like-minded professionals in a safe and respectful coworkspace
• Peace and privacy—without isolation
• Shared, battle-tested infrastructure
• Information sharing made easy
• GoLab Cloud, a common technology platform
• Affordability (i.e., low rent, free Wi-Fi, free coffee, and an abundance of free or affordable networking opportunities)
• Flexible work times
• More branding and reputation-building opportunities as a result of being associated with a well-known coworkspace located in the heart of Austin’s entrepreneurial and social scene

Key Features
Some of the features of the GoLab currently include:

• Central, downtown Austin location
• Open-mesh Wi-Fi access and high-speed Internet connection
• Hosted VoIP
• Quality color laser printer
• Free coffee on demand
• Reservable private offices and shared conference rooms
• GoLab-hosted community events like South by GoLab, RISE, and Austin Startup Week
• GoLab-sponsored lunch-and-learn sessions (by professional speakers such as Gary Hoover, Bijoy Goswami, and Thom Singer)
• GoNews Austin, an alternative business news resource that gives GoLab coworkers and other area professionals an opportunity to be included in high-quality, low-cost video news productions

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